Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Michael Jackson-The King of Pop, The Pop Legend

i know that there are millions of michael jackson fans out there. i am one of you. i love michael jackson so much. and there are fantastic fans and i know that i am no match to them. michael jackson is the best-
1. composer
2. choreographer
3. song writer
4. dancer
5. singer
6. business man
7. philanthropist
8. peace activist
9. father
he is the most hardworking person. he is sensitive to a child's pain. tell me, which pop singer gave credit to unknown children of the world for his success? i guess the answer is "michael jackson". michael jackson gave credit to all the children of the world for his success including the sick and the physically handicapped. he loves children. he cares for the entire human race. he loves the nature. i dont think a person can find these many good qualities in any other person. michael really is the king of pop and millions of people love him. he is a philanthropist. so i think his talent is unmatched. he is very energetic. a person must have serious power and energy to perform about a ten to eleven songs in one night. his songs are the best. he loves his work and enjoys everything he does. that's what made him successful. his album- thriller is is the #1 best selling album of all time. he won more than 390 awards and was honored many times. his fans ( that includes me! ) still refuse to think that he's gone. his death was tragic and millions of people broke down and many of them died due to a shock. it's his hard work that made him successful. i came to know what loving each other and loving our work is only because of michael. i want michael to rest in peace. we love you. you are the best.
[ i have one request. the non-fans, please dont bother to put your comments on. we dont need them. ]

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  1. Wonderful Post.Yes your Right He was a good-hearted and good human being.thats why he founded the heal the world foundation.you can see his pain about the children in Man In The Mirror song,its my altime favourite.of course he loves children and he always thiking/thought about the better world for kids.He likes kids very much,you can see the kids in Black or White,Heal the world(what a song name the songl itself tells how much he woried about the world/better world),Jam,Smooth Criminal and They dont care about us Videos.I salute Michael.He was not died he will live in his music untill the planet exists or even after.